These elements from the rectangular parallelepiped shape which lends itself optimally for the border / edger in furnishing the road. Their main uses are found in the borders of sidewalks, in the confinement zones between poses in porphyry and asphalt, in the borders of paths and roads stone cutlery, for example confinement of drawings and / or decorations in poses. The curbs or edgers have been used since Roman times for the roads

and are well suited for the containment of any type of flooring, for creating beds and borders in gardens, for the delimitation of roadsides, or for the sidewalks and roundabouts. A very popular use of curbs in recent times is to simply to make decoration. This is done by creating straight rows within the flooring often with large size, so as to create a color contrast which gives vivacity to the floors.

Processing machines KERBSTONES / BORDURE / BINDERS

Integrated combination of conveyors and open manual machines enabling faster handling and less operator fatigue.

Splitting plants with automated closed frame machines, customizable in feeding systems and in machine models.

Closed type (H frame) manual machines, characterized by the mechanical adjustment of tools. Suitable for the splitting of large and irregular blocks.

Individual manual machines with open (C frame) frame. The stone can be handled several times with ease thanks to the presence of the workbench.

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