Crush different materials and get different grain sizes

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STARK jaw crushers are ideal for crushing not only waste marble, granite and natural stone, but also a wide variety of different materials such as agglomerate, ceramic, glass, and concrete.

Characterized by a heavy and sturdy structure, they are able to produce different grain sizes depending on the opening of the jaws.

Use of the final product has many applications: from the simple reduction of waste volume, through road construction to landscaping and manufacture of new products.

STARK crushers can also be configured in a complete crushing plant including conveyors and screens, in order to increase productivity and to select different aggregate sizes.

  • Crushing inlet 400 mm x 250 mm;
  • Motor: 15 Kw;
  • Productivity: from 3 to 15 ton/hour depending on the kind of material and adjustment of the jaws;
  • Opening of the jaws: 20-80 mm.

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