Get cubes, edging, curbs and wall stones with ease

macchina serie c 1

The open configuration of the C series of machines lends itself to high speed manual processing. With the operator directly in front of the work, manipulation of the stone for multiple splits is simplified and speed is increased. Manual production of everything from curbs and pavers to wall stone is a snap.

The C series machines are equipped with mechanically adjustable teeth which adjust to the contours of the surface of the stone to be split. This adjustment allows for even distribution of splitting power and clean breaks.

The mobile and adjustable working table drops from under the stone in order to give the cleanest of cuts.

The travel of the head is adjustable so that the cycle time of the machine is minimized. in high volume production, especially where the raw stone is the same size, this can reduce the processing time significantly.

The C frame machines are all completely configurable in size and power and can be integrated with other MEC machines and handling equipment to act as standalone processing centers, or part of a line of multiple machines.



from 240 mm to 700 mm;


from 200 mm to 550 mm;


from 24 to 160 tons.

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