Work the same stone as many times as you want, safely

macchina serie trittico 1

These machines are manual and ideal for splitting any kind of stone, but are best suited to irregular, medium or large dimensions. Trittico machinery eliminates the physical effort of the operator to place heavy stone under the blade thanks to the combined use of entry and sometimes even exit conveyors. The entry working table is integrated as part of the conveyor, which delivers the material directly to the splitting blade. The typical configuration of the conveyor incorporates a double row of side by side steel slats.

By controlling the feeding of both rows, it is possible to move the stone under the blade and even rotate it 360°. The rotation allows for following the profile of the stone and aligning the material for splitting position. it is possible to add manipulators with arms or grippers or clamps to facilitate handling operations. It is also possible to equip the system with a radio control.

It is also possible to split the same piece of the stone multiple times. it is not necessary to bring the stone to the beginning of the line.The Trittico series can be considered as an independent production unit or as a primary splitting machine in the complete processing line.The blades of Trittico series are featured with extended adjustment of teeth in order to guarantee excellent quality of finish product with less waste.

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