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Our history

The history of MEC in Italy is enlaced with the story of its founder, Giuseppe Nicoletti.

The company,which has been based in Scurelle in the province of Trento since 2002, was founded in 1996, but its experience has a much longer life.

After graduation, Giuseppe Nicoletti emigrated to Switzerland to work in a company where soon became director of the production sector.

After returning to Italy in 1981, his first entrepreneurial project was born: a real spin off for the manufacturing of hydraulic units.

Production grew quickly, and Giuseppe Nicoletti understood the potential of a market that was still underdeveloped: the stone processing machinery.He abandoned his previous activity and once again embarked on a new entrepreneurial path, which successfully led him to found MEC Srl together with his children.

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Our values


One of the flagships of our company is the service we offer to all Mec machine owners. An 'immediate and continuous assistance, able to reach every part of the world. Mec's team will be able, to respond and support you to the best of their ability.


In our industry, certifications help us maintain a high quality standard in business process management and machine production.


Constant research and development of new systems and applications is what has enabled us to become a world leader in the production of stone splitting machines. Since 1996, we have been offering our customers the best of technology and innovation on the market.
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