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Andesite processing machines

MEC’s andesite processing machines provide an innovative solution for efficiently and precisely managing the hardness and strength of this volcanic igneous rock. With a color range from gray to black, andesite is ideal for high-quality products for road paving.

The modern technology of these machines turns processing into an automated process that maximizes productivity and improves the quality of the finished product. A technological breakthrough that offers new opportunities for the use of andesite in construction and urban design projects.

Discover MEC's andesite processing machines

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TypeWith fixed, rotating, or self-centering grippers, fixed or rotating arms
Function typeManual or automated
ManeuverabilityOperable by intuitive and practical joysticks
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TypeMechanical, L-shaped paddle and automated feeders
Ideal UsageIdeal for machining sawn or regular blocks
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Number of versions5 different versions
Ideal MatchingMatchable with splitting machines
BenefitsFaster stone movement and less operator fatigue
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Loader beltsWith hopper
Vibrating screen2/3 floors
BucketsWith wheels
Number of grain size selections3/4 grain size selections
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Feeding mouth400 x 200 mm
Feeding sizeMax 70 mm
Electric motor11 kw
Mill turns1.000/minut
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Type of structureRobust structure
Ideal functionIdeal for reducing waste volume
ProductivityUp to 15tons/hour
Jaws openingUp to 80 mm
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Benefits with MEC's andesite processing machines

Strength and precision

MEC’s machines provide the force needed to split andesite, one of the hardest rocks, with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring superior paving products suitable for all kinds of road projects.

Process automation

By transforming traditionally manual machining into an automated process, MEC machines significantly reduce the time and effort required, increasing production efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Versatility of application

With their advanced technology, MEC’s andesite processing machines enable the material to be processed for a wide variety of paving products, offering flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.


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Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

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