Cut different materials of different thicknesses with confidence

fast 2

The FAST 2 is a thin veneer cutting machine equipped with two diamond in-line blades, with the ability to accommodate blades of different diameter on the same spindle. Fast 2 is ideal for those who have continuous production requirements and for those who need to obtain multiple-products or process different materials.

The presence of a pusher bar allows to the operator to load the pieces of stone with different thicknesses up to 4 ¾”. These different size stones can be loaded one after another, without having to do any thickness sorting. Feeding this machine is fast and simple. In addition to the version with complete electronic operation system, Mec also offers a model with electro-mechanical Handling.

One of the advantages of Fast is to have a single slatted conveyor belt both for the back and for the feeding of the piece, in this way, there is no need to synchronize two belts. Easily replaceable rubber inserts are applied to the belt slats. Thanks to the slat solution, it is also possible to load materials with heavy weights, always reaching high speeds.

It is possible to install blades of different sizes on the same shaft (for example from 600 to 1200 mm) according to the material, saving money on the purchase of the blades and their wear.

Furthermore, the heads of the blades are powered to easily adjust their height and equipped with encoders. The measurement is displayed directly on the machine’s touch screen.



2 pcs;


300 mm;


400 mm;


600-1200 mm.

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