Ensure excellent production output with MEC

segatrice fast 5 1

The presence of as many as 5 discs in line ensures a very high production yield. The presence of the pressure bar allows the operator to load stone pieces with different thicknesses up to a maximum of 12 cm difference, one after the other, without having to make a preliminary selection according to thickness. Thus, in addition to the time gain, machine loading operations are also relieved.

The maximum height of the stone to be cut is 400 mm, while the maximum width is 300 mm.

It is possible to install discs of different sizes on the same shaft (e.g., 600 to 1200 mm) depending on the material, saving money on disc purchase and disc wear.

Single slat conveyor belt for both back and workpiece feed, so there is no need to synchronize two belts. Easily replaceable rubberized inserts are attached to the belt shutters. Thanks to the shutter solution, even materials with heavy weights can be loaded while still reaching high speeds, which can be up to 6 mt/minute.Motorized disc heads to easily adjust the height from the control panel. The measurement is displayed directly on the machine's touch screen. Each model is integrated with a management system that allows you to enter as many as 40 recipes to save the main parameters based on the materials to be cut. This system records the work data which can be easily extracted by downloading it to a USB drive.

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