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The HALF is equipped with two horizontal blades, which provide the splitting in automatic mode. The solution was designed for wastage recovery from sawn material, which looks like veneer or tile. This machine has been also developed in personalized versions with extended blades and adequate handling system for horizontal splitting of longer pieces, like strips or platters. It is ideal for processing of multilayer materials, like gneiss or even granite. By the opening of material in this way, it is possible to obtain two pieces with one natural side with split face on each piece and the other smooth side for cladding onto the wall.


  • Esistono poi versioni di Half personalizzate in dimensioni, forze e lunghezze degli utensili.
  • Base standard version of HALF 400x200 mm;
  • Maximum width of material for splitting 200 mm;
  • Length of blade 400 mm;
  • The maximum height of material that being inserted into the machine is 200 mm;
  • There are personalized versions of Half in dimensions, powers and blades length.

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Vector Smart Object111.png