Concrete crushing machines

MEC’ s concrete crushing machines allow you to give a new life to processing waste: by reducing its volume, crushed concrete can be used in many construction and road works.

To provide specific solutions for every crushing requirement, MEC has also designed machines with a high level of customization and performance

MEC’s concrete crushing machines come in various types and sizes, each tailored to meet specific crushing requirements. By crushing and reusing concrete, these machines contribute also to sustainable construction practices.

Discover MEC's concrete crushing machines

impianti 3


Loader beltsWith hopper
Vibrating screen2/3 floors
BucketsWith wheels
Number of grain size selections3/4 grain size selections
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crunch 1


Feeding mouth400 x 200 mm
Feeding sizeMax 70 mm
Electric motor11 kw
Mill turns1.000/minut
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frantoio pietre stark 1 ok


Type of structureRobust structure
Ideal functionIdeal for reducing waste volume
ProductivityUp to 15tons/hour
Jaws openingUp to 80 mm
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Advantages with MEC's concrete crushing machines

Vibration reduction

The robust and resilient design of the MEC machines ensures that vibrations during the entire crushing process are significantly reduced, even in the case of large cement volumes.

High production output

The combination of conveyor belts, vibrating screens and hammers allows MEC machines to work at high production rates and at the same time obtain a ground concrete of the grain size consistency and refinement you desire.

Lower transport and storage costs

The high level of precision of the machines reduces the volume and grain size of the waste cement. This makes it possible to load, transport and store larger quantities of product, thereby optimizing the costs of the various steps.


Some cases of success in the world

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

“We are a modern granite factory: the material we process is ancient and stable.” It is how Kammerer, the Austrian company […]

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Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries Pty Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of Australiandimension sandstone to the Commercial, Export, Retaining, Residential & […]

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