Stone machinery

MEC’s stone machines are ideal solutions for companies that need to process and shape various types of stone. These powerful and versatile machines are designed to cut, split, crush, and finish stone materials with precision and efficiency.

With advanced technologies and cutting-edge features, our stone machines offer precise and accurate results, meeting the demanding requirements of the industry. 

From stone cutting machines to stone splitters and crushers, our product range allows the creation of high-quality stone products used in construction, interior design, and architectural projects.

Different types of stone machinery

Discover MEC's stone machinery

macchina spintore mecs 1


TypeMechanical, L-shaped paddle and automated feeders
Ideal UsageIdeal for machining sawn or regular blocks
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crunch 1


Feeding mouth400 x 200 mm
Feeding sizeMax 70 mm
Electric motor11 kw
Mill turns1.000/minut
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side 1


Max splitting width600 mm
Max split height300 mm
Max splitting thickness300 mm
Number of blades4 cushioned blades
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one 1


Max split h.400 mm
Max splitting width400 mm
Max split length1200 mm
Splitting cycleContinuous splitting cycle
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fast 2


Number of blades2 pcs
Stone width300 mm
Stone height 400 mm
Min-Max Blade diameter600-1200 mm
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macchina half 1


Max stone width300 mm
Stone heightfrom 90 to 200 mm
Splitting tool length400 mm
Ideal forveined materials, concrete and limestone
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Advantages with MEC's stone machinery

Increased productivity and efficiency

MEC’s stone machines are designed to optimize production processes, allowing an improvement in efficiency and production. Our solutions can handle large volumes of stone materials quickly and consistently, reducing manual labor and saving valuable time.

Cost-effectiveness & Versatility

Our stone machines help in minimizing material wastage and increasing overall efficiency, leading to significant cost savings for businesses. In addition, they are versatile and can be used for various applications in the industry and for various types of stone.

Safety & Certified Quality

MEC is a certified partner to work with: our stone machines have the quality guarantee of certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and an official recognition issued by Confindustria Marmomacchine for our Made in Italy production.


Some cases of success in the world

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

“We are a modern granite factory: the material we process is ancient and stable.” It is how Kammerer, the Austrian company […]

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Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries Pty Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of Australiandimension sandstone to the Commercial, Export, Retaining, Residential & […]

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