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The Fast 3 is a high performance machine with the same features and properties as the Fast 2. It has 3 diamond in-line blades, with the possibility of inserting blades of different diameter on the same spindle. It is ideal for those who have the continuous production requirement and for those who need to obtain multi-products or process different materials. The throughput capacity of the Fast 3 is about 30% higher than on the Fast 2 with two diamond blades.

The presence of pusher bar allows to the operator to load the pieces of stone with different thicknesses up to 12 cm of difference, each after another, , without having to make a preliminary selection based on the thickness. Besides the time saving, it helps to provide the feeding operations on the machine much easier.    


  • Number of blades 3 pcs;
  • Maximum diameter of the blade compatible with head 1° is from 550 to 750 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of the blade compatible with head 2° is from 750 to 900 mm;
  • Maximum diameter of the blade compatible with head 3° is from 750 to 1200 mm;
  • The maximum height of the input material for cutting is 400 mm;
  • The maximum width of material for cutting is 300 mm;
  • The feeding speed of the conveyor: from 0.3 to 5 mt/min (it depends on material).