Recover stone sawing scraps quickly

serie kubo

A small automatic plant for processing laths or long-sliced materials, obtaining listels, small cladding slabs but also cubes. The Kubo has been designed as a stand-alone production unit to recover stone sawing waste, but it can also be used as the final part of automatic plants for the production of cubes: its speed makes it a highly productive machine.

The Kubo plant consists of a rubber belt on which the strips are loaded and a closed machine with a fixed and tilting blade, to adapt to the slight inclinations that the sawn materials may have.


Mec offers two versions of KUBO, according to the size and splitting power of the machine. The dimensions of the conveyor belts vary according to the KUBO model.

It is possible to add self-centering clamp to guarantee the correct position of the strip under the blades and thus have an excellent finished product with no waste.

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