Marble crushing machine

Are you looking for a safe and professional marble crushing machine? Put your trust in MEC, a company with over twenty years of experience in designing crushing lines designed to give value to otherwise non-recoverable processing waste. You will thus be able to reduce the costs involved in the transport, disposal and storage of marble waste by obtaining granulometry of different consistencies to be used, for example, in road building works, street furniture or in the creation of new products.

Marble is an absolutely faultless metamorphic rock, hard, resistant and highly valued for its natural lustre. Used since antiquity, today it lends itself to elegant interior design solutions such as bathroom and kitchen tops, tables and floors. Due to its extreme hardness, marble crushing requires solid and capable machinery, which MEC can supply to you as single machines or as practical customised plants.

Discover MEC's marble crushers

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Loader beltsWith hopper
Vibrating screen2/3 floors
BucketsWith wheels
Number of grain size selections3/4 grain size selections
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crunch 1


Feeding mouth400 x 200 mm
Feeding sizeMax 70 mm
Electric motor11 kw
Mill turns1.000/minut
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Type of structureRobust structure
Ideal functionIdeal for reducing waste volume
ProductivityUp to 15tons/hour
Jaws openingUp to 80 mm
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Advantages of MEC's marble crushers

Particle size refinement and high-level performance

Grazie alla macchina per la frantumazione MEC, il marmo viene trattato con estrema precisione, permettendo di ottenere granulometrie specifiche a seconda delle esigenze. La tecnologia all’avanguardia riduce notevolmente le vibrazioni durante il processo di frantumazione, assicurando risultati di massima qualità e un’efficienza senza pari.

Cost savings and reuse of materials

By using MEC crushers to crush marble, you turn inert waste into reusable resources, thus eliminating transportation and disposal costs. This process not only contributes to the reduction of operating expenses but also promotes sustainability through the reuse of processing residues, providing new opportunities for these materials to be used.

Customization for every need

MEC’s machines designed for marble crushing are fully adaptable and customizable to specific production requirements. Each crusher is custom-configured, integrating specific features, to guarantee you a reliable solution, maximum efficiency and satisfaction in the marble crushing process.


Some cases of success in the world

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Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

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