Mec offers the new series of thin veneer cutting machine FAST designed for any type of irregular stone: marble, granite and even concrete. The standard line is developed in different models, equipped with diamond in-line blades with continuous feeding of material. The Fast is conceived to cut split stones of different sizes with minimum thickness, in order to increase productivity in square meters of thin slabs, to reduce shipping costs and to facilitate the laying in work of finished product.


Consisting of a horizontal diamond blade, this tool is ideal for single pass production of corners. The range of cutting sizes would be up to 400 x 200mm ( approximately 16" x 8")

Machine equipped with five diamond in-line blades, ideal for the customers who need specific high requirements for both product and output. This model has a high level of customization.

High performance thin veneer saw with the same features of the Fast 2. This machine, equipped with three diamond in-line blades allowing the improvement of the output for 30 %, compared to the Fast 2.

Thin veneer saw with two diamond in-line blades, ideal for the customers who need a constant rate of production requirements and for anyone who wants to obtain multiple products.

Thin veneer saw equipped with one diamond blade, ideal for the beginner customers in stone cutting branch or for anyone who works with small capacity orders.

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