Line of products to move the stone quickly, without any risk and fatigue for the operator, making the plant more productive. Conveyor belts, pushers and manipulators can be operated manually or also automated within the splitting line. They can have different lengths, widths or runs depending on the needs. According to customer requirements, special handling systems can also be designed and supplied.

Processing machines HANDLING SYSTEMS

Systems that push blocks or long strips on manual or automatic splitting plants. There are different versions: starting from the mechanical ones to the palletizing pushers, following highly automated special feeding systems.

Handling systems that grab the stone from the sides, hold it, and place it correctly under the splitting blade. Also, in this case the versions are customized according to customer’s inquiries.

Steel slats conveyor, rubber belts conveyor, rollers conveyor, fix or mobile conveyors…These are just some of the options we offer to our customers trying to find and suggest the best solution for all production purposes, loading, unloading, depending on their inquiry.

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