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Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

“We are a modern granite factory: the material we process is ancient and stable.”

It is how Kammerer, the Austrian company specializing in the quarrying and processing of granite, owner of two quarries that occupy over 24 hectares. The extracted granite, a product of particular value, is processed in approximately 5,800 square meters of heated buildings.

The two principles that inspire Kammerer in its daily work are respect for the environment and attention to its employees. The Austrian company processes the raw material right next to the place where it is extracted, thus avoiding long transport routes. Taking care of the planet and its employees is a constant goal for this reality: at Kammerer, you can breathe a serene atmosphere where everyone’s personal and professional growth plays a crucial role. 

The need

The cooperation between MEC and Kammerer began in 2016 with the supply of two small manual machines for cobblestones production. Following this first positive experience, the Austrian company, satisfied with the investment made, decided to purchase a larger MEC machine, a manual C-frame for the wall stones production.

Having reached 2021, the quality of the solutions designed and installed as well the professionalism that Kammerer recognizes in the MEC team have been confirmed at a good point. It led Kammerer to purchase a new primary splitting plant. What is the goal in this case? It is replacing an old obsolete line to increase the productivity of large split face products.

The result:

The new primary splitting line consists of two H-frame machines. The processing of granite blocks or strips is fast and practical: the material sawn on top and bottom is loaded from above onto a feeding conveyor. To move the material comfortably, and get a precise split, the primary machine is more than 2 meters wide and with more than 400 tons of power. It also has a rotatable base, and it is a heavy-duty machine suitable for splitting large granite.

The plant continues with a secondary H-frame machine with smaller dimensions and power: we are talking about a split width of 1300 mm. This line can be operated as a single process plant; then the secondary machine reprocesses the stones coming out of the first machine on the front and back ends. The line allows you to perform at the same time two different processes on the two machines. The movement that connects the latter is complete with all the systems so that the operators work efficiently and effortlessly. The plant ends with a further rubber exit belt, where you can unload steps and veneers.

The choice of the Austrian company consciously fell on a system equipped with manual controls to create special finished products of the highest quality. Kammerer recognizes MEC as a truly trusted partner, always ready to provide the best splitting solutions, and not only. Today the customer can also take advantage of those services that MEC deems fundamental, including the remote assistance on board this system. If technical support is required it is possible to connect directly to the machines through remote service, speeding up and making the technical operation much more effective.

Carefulness towards the environment, social responsibility, and a charge of positive energy and enthusiasm are the aspects that distinguish both Kammerer and MEC. The Austrian family-run company has identified MEC as the ideal partner for the supply of powerful systems that are always at maximum splitting performance. Kammerer is a reality that never stops innovating and developing, also thanks to the systems successfully installed by the MEC team.

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

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