Limestone is a sedimentary rock with it’s main component being a carbonate. Its composition varies greatly depending on the formation conditions: often times during it’s formatting, there are living organisms involved, whose traces remain trapped in the rock structure. The stone often also presents stratifications and more compact rocky outcrops.

The split limestone is widely used in flooring, as a building stone and for coverings.

The limestone comes from quarry extraction in fairly regular blocks, not necessarily sawn at a later time. It can be split on manual machines in irregular form, or on automatic machines if it has been previously sawn. Depending on its composition, it may require different splitting power and blades in order to obtain a high quality finish product.

Processing machines LIMESTONE

Splitting machine composed of closed (H frame) frame machine equipped with 4 blades, ideal for production of thin material with a high quality split profile.

Automatic splitting plant that splits horizontally small cladding tiles or strips sawn on 6 sides. This small machine can be also customizable.

Individual manual machines with open (C frame) frame. The stone can be handled several times with ease thanks to the presence of the workbench.

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