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Schenatti Srl: the successful experience with MEC machines

The Schenatti Srl company has more than a century of history. Starting from the construction of dry stone walls in the early 1900s, the family-run company then began to deal with road paving, until it even used the stone products in private construction. In the 1960s, there were only five products on the market: over the years these have gradually increased until an innovative product line for wall coverings come in the 2000s. This line was called La Vera Pietra and immediately found the approval of the customers and architects.

It is a covering material with a split-face of the thin thickness, which makes it ideal for laying. Actually, over time, the stone has become less and less load-bearing material and more and more covering, with direct advantages as regards laying, costs, dimensions, and versatility of use. Through the experience gained over the years and specialized research on the markets, Schenatti Srl selects the best materials with high-quality hardness and aesthetics characteristics, to satisfy any customer or designer request and give a new and refined light to any environment.

The need:

In order to reduce the thickness of the split material, Schenatti Srl approaches MEC. In fact, the first processing takes place on splitting machines that allow obtaining the split-face finish, while the second process is that related to cutting on in-line blade machines, to reduce the thickness. The commercial advice provided by MEC and the consequent purchase of the cutting machine has given a turn to the production of Schenatti Srl.

The company chooses and works on different types of stones, not focusing only on one in particular. For this reason, the cutting machine had to respond to the need for an easy switch from one type of stone to another, adjusting and easily memorizing the speed of the blades. The MEC Fast 2 machine, equipped with two in-line blades and equipped with an inverter of the blade motors, therefore immediately proves to be the ideal equipment to follow Schenatti Srl in its new challenge. Working and adjusting the machine is much easier thanks to the presence of the software installed and the touch screen on the control panel.

The result:

After the installation of the Fast 2 MEC and the first period of full use of the machine, Schenatti Srl has not only achieved the goal of producing split thin veneers with a thickness of 2.5 / 3 cm but has also significantly increased the capacity production related to this product.

We are happy to say that MEC has been able to fully meet the expectations of Schenatti Srl, starting from advising, through the production of the machinery up to the installation and after-sales service.

Schenatti Srl: the successful experience with MEC machines

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