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Ontario Stone Veneers: an overseas success for MEC

Ontario Stone Veneers Inc. has been founded to provide high-quality natural stone veneer for wall covering. This natural stone is quarried and processed in Ontario, Canada. The company sources the stone blocks from numerous quarries throughout Ontario. These blocks are then shipped to the factory, where they are processed to obtain natural stone veneers.

The craftsmanship involved in the creation of traditional and contemporary product lines of natural stone veneers amazes builders, architects, designers, and contractors. The passion for what is produced is the very engine of the company.

The need:

Ontario Stone Veneers Inc. turned to MEC with the request to increase the production capacity. It is through this request that MEC had the pleasure of welcoming the president of the company, Mr. Ivan Rapa, to its factory: the visit was not only intended to show machinery in operation, talk about customization and verify the quality of the finished products that can be obtained, but also to give the customer a clear vision of a new production process, possible thanks to a continuous exchange of data and findings during the R&D process.

For the needs identified and discussed with Ontario Stone Veneers Inc., MEC recommended an automatic splitting system with a P4 machine, with which the customer could independently produce wall stones, with a high and constant quality of the splitting profile. The thickness of the split face stones thus obtained could then be reduced thanks to an in-line blade stone cutting machine. The last quality step would finally be carried out by the MEC automatic 2-head horizontal pitching machine, capable of calibrating and finishing the obtained thin veneers, giving uniformity to split face stones and production capacity to the company, so that MEC is able to satisfy the requests of its customers.

The result:

For MEC, the direct customer testimony is worth a thousand words. It is why we want to report some comments coming directly from the President and from the Operations Manager at Ontario Stone Veneers:

During the information gathering and research stage, I had the pleasure of visiting MEC’s facility in Northern Italy. During that visit, it was evident that MEC was a leader in the field of stone processing. MEC quickly understand our needs and were able to translate those needs into equipment that functions and performs as required. MEC’s ability to replicate the production process we were looking for by modifying existing equipment designs gave me the confidence that I had selected the right company to build our equipment. MEC was very clear in their deliverables and they met our expectations from start to finish. We would recommend MEC equipment to anyone looking at adding stone processing equipment to their facility“. Ivan Rapa (owner and president)

The splitting machine and the pitching machine are currently working better than we ever imagined with no issues whatsoever. These machines are built to last with their outstanding quality and thoughtful, ergonomic features. They are the heart of what we do here at Ontario Stone Veneers.  Every piece of stone is made even more beautiful by the equipment from MEC.  Their machines do our vision justice and that’s what we need on a consistent basis. They deliver!” Dan O’Halloran (Operations Manager)

MEC sincerely thanks President Ivan Rapa and Dan O’Halloran of Ontario Stone Veneers Inc. for the beautiful words. These are successes and positive feedbacks that encourage us to continue, always giving the best to our customers, constantly finding and developing innovative solutions for stone splitting and cutting.

Ontario Stone Veneers: an overseas success for MEC

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Ontario Stone Veneers: an overseas success for MEC

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