When we talk about the assortment of stone cladding walls that the nature provides us with, it is very broad. Stones like slate, quartzite, travertine, porphyry, onyx, can all be used within the environment. Each type of stone has color, veining and different glosses. The volcanic stones, such as porphyry, are opaque, while the marbles are brilliant. As for the flooring, coverings also have important requirements, such as the flexibility of the material that is particularly important if you plan to realize facades with curved parts or bi-dimensional products. The smooth finish of the stone surfaces are usually suitable to representative environments. For example, in the halls of the banks there are polished stones that give to the interior an institutional aspect.
While a natural finishing tends to give to the environment more rustic view. For example, in mountain chalet the load-bearing masonry stone is left specially in face-to-view. Therefore, each type of finish (glossy, matte or cleft) has its legitimacy in the specific environment that you want to achieve. Whether it is a cottage in the countryside, a loft in a big city or a traditional apartment, stone cladding for interior will help make your home the most welcoming place for you and for your guests. Rods and wall stones, honed edges for your windowsills, uncertain work, these are some of the solutions that can be used for COVERINGS, depending on your needs.

Processing machines STONE COVERINGS

The machines of the Pitching Series are designed for stone paving with special finishes. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between manual or automatic machines, which will result in a scape effect or the finishing of stone edges.

The Fast Series was created specifically as a line of machines for cutting shapeless stone, as in the case of andesite. These machines are, therefore, the ideal solution also for splitting and defining andesite. The Fast Series ensures reduced transport times and increased productivity.

MEC's cement splitting line consists of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. The Special line also includes specific machines for waste recovery or horizontal splitting.

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