Travertine is a sedimentary metamorphic limestone.

It has a porous and cavernous structure and is presented with varied stratifications.

Travertine is a native material of the Tivoli neighborhood, in central Italy, (hence the name), but there are also deposits in Africa (Tunisia), East (Iran) and South America (Peru)

It has been used since ancient times for building materials such as the surfaces of decorations, cladding of facades and interior flooring, up to monuments, sculpture and architecture.

The color varies from white to milky walnut, through shades from yellow to red. Often there are fossil footprints of animals and plants.

Travertine is extracted from the quarry in blocks, which are sawn and prepared. Generally it is split with H-frame machines equipped with 4 blades in order to obtain straight splitting profile and guarantee an excellent quality of finish product, such as big cladding slabs.

Processing machines TRAVERTINE

Featured with heavy-duty frame, STARK jaw crushers are ideal for crushing not only waste marble, granite and natural stone, but also a wide variety of different materials such as agglomerate, ceramic, glass, and concrete. STARK can produce different grain sizes depending on the opening of the jaws.

Closed type (H frame) manual machines, characterized by the mechanical adjustment of tools. Suitable for the splitting of large and irregular blocks.

Splitting machine composed of closed (H frame) frame machine equipped with 4 blades, ideal for production of thin material with a high quality split profile.

Ideal for secondary crushing, the CRUNCH hammer mill is a horizontal axis machine provided with rotating hammers. It is characterised by the high degree of size reduction obtained in the fragmentation of natural stone, concrete and aggregates of low and medium hardness.

The Fast Series was created specifically as a line of machines for cutting shapeless stone, as in the case of andesite. These machines are, therefore, the ideal solution also for splitting and defining andesite. The Fast Series ensures reduced transport times and increased productivity.

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