The veneer is normally used for coverings of any environment thanks to its versatility. In the interior, it can be used for a pose with a visual effect similar to that of the parquet. This way you get warm and modern effects like wood. Outside it is one of the most suitable formats for driveways and sidewalks and for finishing.

This product is used for the paving of important avenues like those of a villa or a building and antique home or simply to pave the porch of your house. The stone veneers occur with natural cleft finish, capable of creating a modern walls but also rustic.

Processing machines VENEERS

Small automatic lines composed of a conveyor belt and a closed frame machine, ideal to produce cubes or material in long slices.

Automatic splitting plant that splits horizontally small cladding tiles or strips sawn on 6 sides. This small machine can be also customizable.

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