MEC splitters can be used to split any type of natural stone. The wide assortment of MEC splitters includes open and closed structure solutions that are high-performance, customizable and can be integrated with each other. Our splitters also guarantee a top-of-the-range splitting profile, as they can be configured in terms of handling systems, dimensions and splitting forces.

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Heavy-duty frame and teeth with mechanical adjustment make the PX machines ideal for splitting any kind of stone. They can be configured as primary splitters for feeding of splitting lines, or as complete independent working equipment, depending on the finish product you desire. PX machinery may be installed directly in...

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Heavy-duty frame with hydraulically adjusted teeth. PH machines ensure an excellent quality of splitting, especially on material with reduced thickness. Similar to PX splitters, PH machines may be installed directly in the quarry for processing of wide blocks with natural quarry layer for production of stairs or curbs. The splitting...

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The open configuration of the C series of machines lends itself to high speed manual processing. With the operator directly in front of the work, manipulation of the stone for multiple splits is simplified and speed is increased. Manual production of everything from curbs and pavers to wall stone is...

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A small automatic plant for processing laths or long-sliced materials, obtaining listels, small cladding slabs but also cubes. The Kubo has been designed as a stand-alone production unit to recover stone sawing waste, but it can also be used as the final part of automatic plants for the production of...

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These machines are manual and ideal for splitting any kind of stone, but are best suited to irregular, medium or large dimensions. Trittico machinery eliminates the physical effort of the operator to place heavy stone under the blade thanks to the combined use of entry and sometimes even exit conveyors....

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All the automatic equipment with H-frame machines covers the category PXA. It is possible to have in lines PXA machines very large up to 3 meters, for automatic splitting of granite palisades, or lines with one or more H-frame machines connected with conveyors in 90° direction to each other, which...

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