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MEC aggregate crusher: discover all the innovative features

What is the best crusher for aggregates dedicated to the waste recovery for its application in road construction and street furniture? The one signed MEC!

MEC crushing plants are the machinery used to recover and enhance the value of materials such as stone and concrete. The advantages associated with the use of these particular systems are numerous.

Before seeing them in detail, however, let’s review the most innovative features of the STARK line, the crushers for aggregates designed and manufactured by MEC, and of the CRUNCH line, the ideal hammer mill for secondary crushing.

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A different crusher for aggregates for each need: What are the aspects to base the choice?

The MEC plants belonging to the STARK series were born to enhance the value of the waste that could not be reused in any other way. They are designed for grit production or for the simple volumetric reduction of waste from previous production processes.

There are three different types of STARK jaw crushers in terms of motor power and production yield. Depending on the company requirements, you can opt for the STARK 5.5, 7.5, or 15 models.

All three versions are equipped with a heavy-duty and compact frame, a feeding hopper, and a variable degree of jaws opening.

The STARK aggregate crushers for use in the processing of hard materials – for example, granites and porphyry but not only. MEC jaw crushers are the ideal solution even if your reality needs to crush medium-hard materials, such as marbles and concrete.

Optimal crushing of aggregates: how to obtain it with MEC solutions?

If your company needs to proceed with the grinding natural stone, concrete, or aggregates of varying hardness, MEC has thought of the right solution: the CRUNCH hammer mill. It is a particularly appreciated machine because it can deliver the crushed product of the right degree of refining.

Going into detail, what are the peculiarities that distinguish this particular type of system? The CRUNCH hammer mill is equipped with a motor with a power of 11 kW and is capable of processing approximately from 3 to 8 tons of aggregates or material in 8 hours, so that you can obtain stone or sand of different grains.

Are you looking for a solution for your business that allows you to optimize productivity? MEC provides you with the option to compose systems equipped with load feeders, belts, and screens.

Both the STARK line and the CRUNCH versions can be customized, according to the crushing needs of the customer.

Once installed and tested, the system is ready to be used! The loading belts are equipped with a hopper to feed the MEC aggregate crusher in all simplicity. In addition, tilted rubber belts are integrated within the plants for moving the already crushed material from the crusher/mill to the vibrating screen. The screen can have 2 or 3 levels, depending on the number of grain sizes that you want to obtain.

Would you like to receive more information on the operation and technical details of the MEC aggregate crusher now? Just contact us: the MEC team will be happy to answer all your questions and curiosities about our systems.

MEC aggregate crusher: discover all the innovative features

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