Publication date: 01/09/2023

Easy and fast concrete splitting with MEC machines

Among the most widespread building materials, for sure, concrete occupies one of the first positions for versatility of use: it is a binder used since ancient times for the construction of wall facings.

The cemented concrete is, technically, an artificial conglomerate in which water, cement, and other aggregates such as sand and gravel are combined. Depending on the percentages and type of components, it is called:

  • Cement mortar, if the aggregate grain is fine (for example, sand)
  • Concrete, if the aggregates have different sizes
  • Reinforced concrete, if the concrete is combined with ribbed steel bars

A split-face concrete finish is required for covering. It is also used to create road works and garden structures, assuming a high aesthetic value.

For obtaining a quality product, it is advisable to choose solutions capable of guaranteeing a finished split profile without inaccuracies.

Let’s see together what MEC offers for easy and precise concrete splitting.

Splitting concrete: which solutions to choose?

Over the years, MEC has experimented with technologies and technical devices to arrive at concrete-splitting machines capable of meeting high standards in terms of performance and quality of the final result. Depending on your processing needs, you can choose between:

  • Automatic systems offer complete automation in the phases of loading, handling, splitting, unloading, and palletizing at the customer’s choice. These systems also offer automated management of the unloading of the split product. Ideal for companies that want to obtain a high, continuous, and precise production, they allow obtaining a wide range of products through controlling and monitoring the processes remotely via smartphone or computer.
  • Semi-automatic plants equipped with intuitive automatic systems, and designed to meet medium production needs. They are also the ideal solutions for businesses approaching splitting machines for the first time. If you are looking for a capable machine with combined speed and efficiency, this type of plant will not disappoint your expectations, both in the production of single products and those of different types.
  • Special machines such as HALF, the automatic solution capable of splitting the concrete forms in half to obtain two blocks with a rustic face.

Furthermore, MEC provides the customer with know-how consolidated over the years to satisfy requests in customization of the solution, the handling system, the automatisms, and the product obtained.

By studying and evaluating the needs and characteristics of the production together with the end user, MEC experts know how to recommend the most suitable machine for making visible or split forms starting from the split of the concrete blocks. Our solutions, therefore, represent a certainty for splitting not only concrete, but also any natural stone. Here are three examples of their use:

The uses of split concrete are, therefore, numerous and can range from cladding to masonry or even in road works. However, to obtain a long-lasting and safe result, it is important to choose a solution that is able to create a split concrete finishing down to the smallest detail.

If you are looking for a machine to split concrete but need more information or details, do not hesitate to contact us: Our experts are always at your convenience.

Easy and fast concrete splitting with MEC machines

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Easy and fast concrete splitting with MEC machines

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