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MEC marble cutting machines: increase productivity and reduce costs

Are you looking for a suitable solution for cutting any kind of irregular-shaped stone? MEC has created a series that is right for you. It is the Fast series: an ideal line for the customers who need to process marble, granite, or concrete.

Among the many models of the Fast series, today we are talking about the Fast 2E machine, very similar to the standard Fast 2 version but cheaper.

While maintaining high cutting performance, the Fast 2E can help you increase the productivity of your business, reducing its costs.

Continue reading this article to find out if MEC marble cutting machines meet the specific needs of your reality!

Fast 2E: MEC quality always at your complete disposal

Unlike the standard Fast 2 model – equipped with a control panel and related management software – the Fast 2E machine is equipped with two blades that can be manually adjusted using a gearbox and hand-wheel. Their size position is displayed on a graduated rod, equipped with mechanical limit switches. The position of the conveyor for the cut measurement can also be adjusted manually, using a gearbox and hand-wheel.

In any case, the Fast 2E version is equipped with all the most advantageous technologies for the customer. An inverter is placed on the blade motors, allowing you to mount discs of different sizes on the same shaft, for example, from 600 to 1200 mm, depending on the material. It will help you to save on the cost of blades, as well as optimize their wearing.

Versatility and ease of use: thanks to the presence of the inverter on the blade motors, it is possible to change the peripheral cutting speed in a very short time. It allows optimizing the consumption of the blades, an important issue, especially when cutting abrasive materials.

The blade RPM as well as the cutting speed (m/minute), can be easily adjusted using the touch screen.

The Fast 2E model is equipped with a small screen and PLC technology that allows you to check and adjust these values quickly and safely.

But the advantages of the touch screen certainly don’t end there! To ensure maximum performance, it is important to handle the torque values ​​of the motors and the feeding speed of the belt. All this is possible, again, thanks to the presence of the touch screen.

To prevent motor damage in the event of an overload the speed of the belt is set to slow down automatically. It works without any intervention from the operator. In addition to this, thanks to the touch screen, you can always enjoy immediate remote support. Remote assistance is provided via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Finally, the automatic loading system provided on the Fast 2E allows the operator to place pieces of stone with different thicknesses on the machine, up to a maximum of 12 cm difference. It avoids making a preliminary selection of the material based on its thickness. It turns into significant time savings as well as much less physical effort when it comes to loading operations.

What are the advantages of using a MEC marble cutting machine?

The whole Fast MEC series has been designed for cutting stones of different sizes (even very large) to minimum thicknesses. The presence of diamond blades allows an overall increase in productivity in square meters. Furthermore, the MEC marble cutting machines facilitate installation and minimize transport costs for the finished product.

MEC designs and manufactures machines for cutting marble and any other kind of irregular shape stone. Below you can find a brief excursus:

Fast 5: the most sophisticated and customizable cutting machine. Ideal for those who need to cut large quantities of product constantly.

Fast 3: the saw that ensures + 30% productivity compared to the version with two blades.

Fast 2: the solution that allows you to obtain multiple products with savings in time.

Fast 1: if you work on short orders or invest in the purchase of a marble cutting machine for the first time, this is the most suitable solution for you.

Optional horizontal blade: the perfect alternative if you want to produce stone corner pieces in a short time.

Would you like to know more? Contact us: the MEC team is at your convenience to answer the questions. We will advise you on the solution that meets your splitting and cutting needs in the best way.

MEC marble cutting machines: increase productivity and reduce costs

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