Granite cutting machines

MEC’s FAST saws, available in FAST 1, FAST 2, FAST 3 and FAST 5 variants, are the perfect choice for precision cutting of granite, even in its most complex and irregular shapes.

These machines, which specialize in cutting granite, are equipped with excellent quality diamond blades, thus ensuring high-level and long-lasting performance. Customization through additional accessories, such as the horizontal blade, allows each cutting machine to be configured to specific production needs. This advanced technology is designed to maximize efficiency in the granite processing process, ensuring superior quality results in every situation.

Discover MEC's granite cutting machine

segatrice fast 5 1


Number of blades5 pcs
Stone width 300 mm
Stone height 400 mm
Very high production capacity.
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segatrice fast 3 1


Number of blades3 pcs
Stone width300 mm
Stone height400 mm
Min-Max Blade diameter600-1200 mm
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fast 2


Number of blades2 pcs
Stone width300 mm
Stone height 400 mm
Min-Max Blade diameter600-1200 mm
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segatrice fast 1 1


Number of blades 1 pc
Stone width300 mm
Stone height300 mm
Blade diameter900 mm
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optional mec 2


Number of blades to add to verticals1 pc
Max blade diameter600 mm
Depth of cut 200 cm
Corner pieces cutting in a single step.
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Advantages with MEC's granite cutting machines

Optimized loading

MEC’s marble cutting machines are designed to make material loading as easy as possible, making it quick and effortless. Through the use of state-of-the-art pushing mechanisms, operating personnel will enjoy a smoother and smoother loading process, overcoming the obstacles of heavy and strenuous loading.

Accuracy in multi-thickness cutting

The innovative configuration of the discs on our marble cutting machines makes it possible to process stones of different thicknesses in a single pass, eliminating the need for prior sorting or splitting of material. This approach dramatically reduces the time and use of manual labor, significantly improving the efficiency of material processing.

Maximizing productivity

Through the flexible configuration of discs on our sawing machines, an increase in production speed is achieved while maintaining high quality results. This benefit is key to handling a wide range of products and varieties of materials, optimizing production without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.


Some cases of success in the world

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

“We are a modern granite factory: the material we process is ancient and stable.” It is how Kammerer, the Austrian company […]

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Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries Pty Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of Australiandimension sandstone to the Commercial, Export, Retaining, Residential & […]

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