Stone finishing machine

Stone finishing machines are indispensable tools in the processing of natural stone, such as marble, granite and quartzite. These advanced machines play a crucial role in giving stones a perfect finish that enhances their natural beauty and improves their durability.

The use of these machines not only increases the speed of production, but also increases the efficiency and precision of work, reducing labor costs and time. Built-in automation and advanced technology enable accurate control of finishing processes, ensuring that each piece of treated stone maintains the desired characteristics without compromising quality.

Discover MEC's stone finishing machines

side 1


Max splitting width600 mm
Max split height300 mm
Max splitting thickness300 mm
Number of blades4 cushioned blades
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t2 1


Piece width50 - 300 mm
Max piece length1000 mm
Min piece thickness20 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 5/6 linear meters per minute
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macchina horizontal t1 1


Piece width50 - 300 mm
Piece lengthLength of the piece to run
Min piece thickness20 mm
Production m linear/minuteProduction of 2/4 linear meters per minute
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one 1


Max split h.400 mm
Max splitting width400 mm
Max split length1200 mm
Splitting cycleContinuous splitting cycle
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segatrice fast 5 1


Number of blades5 pcs
Stone width 300 mm
Stone height 400 mm
Very high production capacity.
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segatrice fast 3 1


Number of blades3 pcs
Stone width300 mm
Stone height400 mm
Min-Max Blade diameter600-1200 mm
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Benefits with MEC's stone finishing machines

Versatility in finishing techniques

MEC’s stone finishing machines support different techniques such as grinding, polishing and sandblasting, allowing the ideal finish to be applied depending on the type of stone and the desired result, thus ensuring versatility and adaptability to various projects.

High quality of the result

Thanks to technological precision, MEC’s machines ensure excellent finishes, greatly improving the appearance and durability of treated stones, which is crucial for the luxury design and architecture sectors.

Production efficiency

The advanced automation of MEC’s machines reduces processing time and operating costs, increasing productivity and enabling companies to handle large volumes of material effectively, while maintaining consistent quality of finish on every piece processed.


Some cases of success in the world

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

Kammerer: a new success for the MEC team!

“We are a modern granite factory: the material we process is ancient and stable.” It is how Kammerer, the Austrian company […]

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Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries: another success of MEC

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries Pty Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of Australiandimension sandstone to the Commercial, Export, Retaining, Residential & […]

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