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The floors both outdoor and indoor made of natural stone are part of our tradition for a long time. Just think about how much our soil is so rich with precious stones, such as granite, porphyry, because of sedimentary rocks, such as sandstone or quartzite and metamorphic rocks such as marble. Even the cement, a valid alternative to natural stone, is now widely used in the pavement industry. Being a very versatile, environment friendly and durable material, the stone can be used for various applications and, with the right aesthetic touches it becomes possible to create real masterpieces. The main features that the external paving must have are: high resistance to mechanical actions caused by the running of motor vehicles and therefore heavy vehicles; adequate anti-slip, especially in case of wet surface or ice and of course the passage of pedestrians and in public areas as well. The wear resistance and the coefficient of friction are therefore the most important attributes that the external paving must have. There must also be of easy maintenance, especially in urban centers where there is usually a frequent recovery appears on a surface. These floorings are formed by a surface layer which can be realized with various stone or ceramic materials or concrete, and gives the support for it’s variable characteristics depending on the nature of the soil, the type of paving and by the expected loads. The surfaces of gardens, terraces and balconies, are normally covered with cubes, tiles of stone or ceramic materials. The interior floors should not only be functional and practical, but also beautiful and comfortable for a pleasant and happy stay in the house. Today the market offers an almost infinite variety of indoor flooring: with glossy effects, translucent or opaque, rustic, antique or modern, simple or decorated, with light, imagination and art reproductions. The choice of tiles for marble interior floors, natural stone or travertine is by far the most valuable choice. The marble floors with their sophisticated colors, ranging from white to brown and with their unique and exclusive veins are real icons of style. They can be placed in any room of own home.

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Cutting Machines

MEC offers cutting machines for any type of irregularly shaped stone and for concrete. Equipped with diamond discs to facilitate the laying of products, the wide range of MEC cutting machines is available in different models, all customizable to your company’s needs.

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From the simple reduction of waste volume, to the recovery for road construction or yard scrapes, the crushers and crushing lines and the Mec mills are a great opportunity for those working with stone or concrete. Crushers give value to the otherwise unrecoverable waste, thereby reducing the cost of transport, storage and landfill, completing at the same time the processing production cycle of stone and concrete.

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MEC splitters can be used to split any type of natural stone. The wide assortment of MEC splitters includes open and closed structure solutions that are high-performance, customizable and can be integrated with each other. Our splitters also guarantee a top-of-the-range splitting profile, as they can be configured in terms of handling systems, dimensions and splitting forces.

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Finishing Machines

MEC finishing machines allow for a scalloped effect, edge finishing and many other processes on any type of stone. Available in different models, both automatic and manual, MEC finishing machines guarantee maximum precision, power and efficiency for every process.

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Faceting Machines

Are you looking for faceting machines for cutting and processing any type of stone? Customizable and versatile, MEC faceting machines are synonymous with high performance, robustness and durability. There are different models, together we will choose the most suitable one for your company.

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Pitching Machines

Machines designed to give the slabs and wall stones particular finishes. From the pitched effect to the edge finishing, they are designed in different versions: manual or automatic according to customer needs.

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Handling Equipment

Line of products to move the stone quickly, without any risk and fatigue for the operator, making the plant more productive. Conveyor belts, pushers and manipulators can be operated manually or also automated within the splitting line. They can have different lengths, widths or runs depending on the needs. According to customer requirements, special handling systems can also be designed and supplied.

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