The solid is a vibratory stressed concrete artifact that, thanks to the variety of shapes, colors and finishes, is the ideal solution to enhance the functional and aesthetic contents of all architectural contexts: residential areas, pedestrian areas, driveways, parking lots, historic centers and roads. The split face of blocks, for example, allow the creation of structures of all types and sizes: residential buildings,
industrial, commercial, offices, gymnasiums and places of worship. Paving stones, cobblestones, bricks, concrete strips are used for the paving of areas such as sidewalks, streets, public gardens, parks, port and rail platforms. The linear geometric shapes allow a rapid installation of the finish product.


Mec offers even smaller, manual or automatic machines, specific for some processes, such as waste recovery or horizontal splitting.

Mec offers plants featured with a simple automation, ideal for customers who is approaching the world of splitting for the first time or having limited production requirements. However, they are custom made systems for obtaining different finished products.

MEC automated concrete splitting lines can handle the loading, moving, splitting, unloading and palletizing operations for concrete products without the need for operator intervention.

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