Revision date: 10/05/2022

4.0 tax credit: take advantage of benefits with MEC

MEC’s main objective is to offer the best solutions for cutting and splitting stone, responding perfectly to all the needs of its customers. For this reason, when it comes to seizing opportunities that can make it easier for customersto purchase our equipment, we are always in the front row to provide all the necessary information and support.

This is the case of the 4.0 Tax Credit, provided for by Law n. 178 of 30 December 2020, intended to support companies wishing to undertake a process of technological and digital transformation. It is no coincidence that this is all part of the so-called Transition 4.0, i.e. the set of various measures taken by the Ministry of Economic Development aimed at the digitisation and innovation of Italian companies.

The 4.0 Tax Credit has been extended and, therefore, it is now possible to purchase a capital asset – to be ‘connected’ to the company’s systems – by 31 December 2022 or no longer than 30 June 2023, if the order and payment of at least the 20%of the total amount, as an advance payment, by 31 December 2022. Throughout 2021, the50% tax credit will be valid for three years; it is an immediate credit that allows you to recover part of the investment just one month after the appraisal. It can be cumulated with other bonuses, such as the tax credit for Southern Italy dedicated to companies in Southern Italy.

Benefits with MEC machines

The full range of MEC solutions is also available in an “Industry 4.0” version, to perfectly meet the requirements to benefit from the 4.0 Tax Credit. Moreover, even if you do not want to invest in the 4.0 plan, as capital goods MEC equipment can still be purchased with the benefit of a 10% tax credit.

Thanks to its own machinery (for splitting, cutting, crushing and both manual and automatic machines), Mec offers a system ready to be interconnected to your central computer system. It can also provide a PC panel complete with easy, versatile and comprehensive 4.0 management software. This software allows you to upload production orders, record attendance and manage production shifts, monitor the progress of an order and thus controlthe productivity of the plant.

The system, structured in this way, will report any emergencies and indicate maintenance work to be carried out, with photos and accompanying explanations.

MEC can also support its customers in managing factory system certification, i.e. the interconnection between MEC 4.0 machinery and the customer’s central IT system.

If you would like to know more about the 4.0 Tax Credit and the benefits you can benefit from for the purchase of MEC machinery, do not hesitate to contact us: our experts are ready to answer your questions and doubts!

4.0 tax credit: take advantage of benefits with MEC

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