Publication date: 16/06/2021 Revision date: 21/03/2022

25 years of MEC: experiences and goals to celebrate together

The history of MEC begins in 1996, when the founder Giuseppe Nicoletti gives life to the startup of the company destined to grow more and more, going beyond national borders. Over time, the MEC

company begins to develop solutions for stone processing that even reach overseas: year after year, skills, experiences, and projects have been consolidated, making the company history, strengthening its foundations.

Today, MEC is proud of crossing the milestone of the quarter-century: it is 25 years that MEC machines for splitting and cutting stone and concrete have met various needs of customers in over 70 countries around the world.

The commitment of the MEC team is always the same, and the research for improvement and innovation does never stop. That is to say, consider reach experience of the past, but an eye to the future.

For company history, it is an event to remember and to share. For this reason, MEC has decided to celebrate it with its customers and collaborators, fully involved. How? With a photo contest of laying with split stone!
It is a competition where anyone, the customer or MEC collaborator, can participate simply by sending photos of the application with split stone. There will be no particular requirements: the important thing is that the pictures are related to split products, whether they are laid outdoors or indoors, for flooring or cladding, cubes, cobblestones, palisades, wall stones, cliffs, strips, etc.

Among the photos received, the MEC team will choose the six best: These participants are the winners who will take place in our social profiles throughout 2022, together with the name and link to the company website, which contains these pictures. But that’s not all: the photos can also be exhibited at the MEC stand during the Marmomacc 2021 fair!
If you wish to participate, just send your photo attached by e-mail to the address Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or questions! Our team is ready to answer you!

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