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How to split limestone: advice from MEC experts

Sedimentary rock is mainly composed of calcite, sand, silt, and other living organisms: it is limestone, often used as a building material. Limestone can be worked either with manual machines – if its shape is random – or with automatic systems if the material has been previously sawn.

Curious to know in detail how to split limestone optimally? Continue reading the article and discover how MEC splitting solutions can help you in this particular phase.

What are the best machines for limestone splitting, and what features should they have?

While compared to other stones, limestone is a type of rock with variable hardness. Its porosity is ideal for giving homes and locations a sophisticated “look” as it creates a focal point wherever it is placed.

MEC designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of limestone-splitting machines. The solutions are available in manual and automatic versions. It depends on the conditions of the input stones and is based on the desire to satisfy the splitting needs of each company.

The various solutions include:

PXA and P4 series: automatic machines for splitting limestone and any other type of rock into sawn or regular blocks. For these systems, the key feature is flexibility: in fact, the frame of the automatic systems changes according to the specific customer’s needs. These are solutions designed for splitting materials with peculiar attributes, such as limestone can sometimes be of.
Trittico series: manual stone-splitting solutions for processing large and random shape rocks. The combined use of conveyor belts facilitates the operator’s work and ensures quality splitting with a low amount of waste.

In addition to splitting limestone, what other types of processing can MEC machines perform?

In addition to splitting limestone, the solutions conceived and designed by MEC are also intended for cutting, crushing, and finishing any kind of stone. Models that differ from each other to respond to a wide range of needs.

For crushing limestone (but not only) MEC recommends Stark jaw crushers, machines that process waste materials to promote their recovery and subsequent use in the construction and street furniture branches, as well as the fabrication of new products from waste.

For the production of facing stones, however, MEC offers the series Fast, i.e. machines for cutting split face products with one or more diamond in-line blades.

In this way, the thickness is considerably reduced for an easier and lighter installation.

Would you like more tips and advice from our team for processing your materials? Check out the content below:

Would you like to learn more about our machines, or do you have further questions on how to split limestone in the best way? Contact the MEC team now to speak to one of our experts: we are at your convenience to answer your questions and curiosities.

How to split limestone: advice from MEC experts

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