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Hammer mill operation: let yourself be guided by the MEC experts

Secondary crushing is no longer a concern! The operation of the MEC hammer mill allows obtaining ground products according to the right degree of refining required. Flexibility, reduced maintenance, and high operating economy: the MEC hammer mill will allow you to obtain in short time significant quantities of uniform gravel or sand from the crushing of natural stone and concrete.

Have we intrigued you? You just have to continue reading this article. Soon we will tell you how the hammer mill produced by MEC works and why the Crunch model is the one that best suits your company.

The principle of operation of the MEC hammer mill – introducing Crunch!

Equipped with horizontal axis free hammers the hammer mill Crunch is made only with Hardox materials to guarantee each customer a machine that is resistant to abrasion and wear. The position of each hammer can be easily adjusted, optimizing their consumption making your business more efficient.

The MEC hammer mill can accommodate materials of about 10-15 cm size through the upper feeding mouth, which can be fed manually or automatically (in the latter case, it means through a conveyor belt).

So, once the material is inside the machine, how does the hammer mill work? The stone, the concrete, or the aggregates come milled thanks to the action of the hammers rotating on the horizontal axis until you get a product thin enough to pass through the grid below. Once this step has been completed, gravel or sand go down until they reach a special collection container. It happens thanks to the presence of a hopper located in the lowest part of the mill.

What are the other MEC solutions for crushing stone and concrete?

Together with the Crunch hammer mill intended for secondary crushing, MEC also offers Stark a series of jaw crushers which, thanks to the elliptical movement of the material, work with great forces and low speed. Usually used as primary crushers, Stark plants are capable of roughly crushing fragile, medium-hard, and very hard rocks. Depending on the production requirement, you can opt for three different types of crushers: Stark 5.5, Stark 7.5, and Stark 15.

MEC offers you the possibility to install complete systems with Crunch mill and/or Stark jaw crusher, multi-level vibrating screen, loading belt, and conveyor.

In this way you will have a solution for crushing stone, concrete, or aggregates customized according to your specific needs.

Thanks to their imposing frame, MEC plants will guarantee excellent performance in crushing with reduced vibrations discharged during the processing of the materials.


In a few lines, we have collected some notes related to the operation of hammer mills. It is the most suitable machine in case your company needs to grind products such as stones, cement, and aggregates to obtain uniform gravel, more or less coarse dust/sand.

We have also offered you a brief overview of the other solutions that MEC makes available for material crushing that can be used in various fields, from road construction to street furniture. Would you like to learn more about the functioning of the hammer mill or other related topics? Contact us: we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Hammer mill operation: let yourself be guided by the MEC experts

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