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Natural stone processing: discover MEC precision machinery

Natural stones are used in various fields, as they have the incredible ability to give a unique appearance to different surfaces, depending on their specific characteristics. Each stone has different colors and veins. Today natural stones are mainly used for construction, cladding, and flooring.

For example, quartzite and marbles are usually used to give interiors shine and elegance, while the materials of volcanic origin such as porphyry and slate are used to deliver a more rustic effect to the rooms.

The processing of natural stones can be carried out in various ways: depending on the final result needed, a precise procedure is followed, which begins with the extraction of the raw material and continues until the obtaining of the final product.

But what are the splitting and cutting solutions that best suit your needs? In this article, MEC recommends the best-performing machinery for processing natural stones. Read on to discover them all!

How are natural stones worked? MEC explains it to you!

What are the operations to transform a natural stone into a finished product? It starts from the extraction, followed by a phase in which the raw material is divided into blocks. Once the blocks have been obtained they move on to the final step of the current processing of the natural stone, here we have their finishing.

Glossy, matte, or split: each type of finishing is suitable for a different kind of interior environment, depending on the final result to be obtained.

If we consider natural split stones, these are now widely used for interior cladding.

But what are the characteristics of natural stone that we have to consider once we understand what aspect we want our environment to have? The main concern:

  • morphology of the areas they derived from
  • colors and plots
  • size and formats

Splitting: the best MEC solutions

For over 25 years, MEC has been offering machines for splitting any type of natural stone or other material. In particular, for manufacturing split-face cladding products, MEC can advise three different solutions: the series P4, the series Fast, and the pitching Horizontal T1 and T2. Let’s see together the main characteristics of each!

The P4 series has been created to treat all stones with peculiar characteristics, such as sandstone, travertine, limestone, and stratified stone. Thanks to the action of four blades, these machines exert a splitting force on the entire perimeter of the stone. It guarantees excellent results. We also add a fact that such MEC plants allow obtaining an even sharper split in the finished product, possibly of fine thickness, and a regular profile of the processed stone even by large dimensions.

The second method is cutting with in-line discs of the Fast series. Ideal for finishing the thickness of the stone, the machines belonging to this group allow you to double the finished product. There are two facing pieces obtained in this way, each with a sawn side, smooth. It makes one side functional for laying, while the second with a split face is to be left exposed.

If we start from sawn veneers, perhaps cutting waste, we recommend Horizontal pitching machines for pitchingdifferent types of stone: from the softest, such as sandstone, to the hardest ones, such as granite and quartzite. These machines are dedicated to the stone processing and allow obtaining split veneers from sawn pieces.

All MEC systems are highly versatile as they allow you to work with a wide range of natural stones. Accuracy, reliability, and quality are the main principles summarizing the entire company approach. The winning combination of values aimed at offering customizable solutions based on every need.

Do you want to learn more about the characteristics of our machinery for processing natural stones? For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: our team is at your complete disposal to answer your questions and offer you the most suitable solution.

Natural stone processing: discover MEC precision machinery

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