Publication date: 28/02/2023

How to split sandstone with MEC’s fast and precise machines?

Are you looking for a guide that explains how to split the sandstone quickly and easily with machines that ensure maximum and constant performance? We have the answer! In this short article, MEC experts will show you the best solutions for splitting this particular sedimentary rock.

But what is the first characteristic that differentiates sandstone from igneous rocks, such as granite?

For sure, it’s their fragility, but also the rich coloring makes it the perfect material for decorative indoor and outdoor applications. Sandstone is often used to make fireplaces and walkways.

Have we intrigued you? All you have to do is continue reading!

Follow MEC’s ​​advice on how to split sandstone easily

Formed over the years by small particles bound together by silica/calcium carbonate under pressure, sandstone takes on shades ranging from brown to tannic pink, and its appearance is very reminiscent of sand. Extremely resistant to chemical alterations and abrasion, sandstone is extracted from quarries in slabs and blocks of variable dimensions and thickness.

Following its processing, sandstone is used in many branches, such as public construction: let’s think, for example, the building of the city walls that surround the most beautiful historical centers in Italy. But also inside homes, where sandstone adorns fireplaces and driveways.

Clastic rock is also often used as an outdoor material, as it is particularly resistant to bad weather. It is also able to absorb water and humidity very well.

It is, therefore, clear that for each project, it is necessary to have blocks of sandstone split and worked according to precise standards, always considering its versatility: a characteristic that makes this rock so appreciated. MEC has a wide range of machines and plants for sandstone processing, specifically for the split. Find out more!

State-of-the-art MEC equipment for splitting sandstone in a few quick steps

The specific machine for each customer: this is how we can summarize the philosophy of the MEC team. Each functional solution for splitting sandstone is conceived, designed, and developed considering the splitting needs of each company where it is addressed.

Intending to offer the market increasingly innovative solutions that can be integrated together and become customizable, MEC manufactures open and close frame splitting machines for incomparable results. Let’s look at some examples below:

  • Manual sandstone splitting machines. The TESMO series and Trittico have been designed to split random shape blocks of sandstone without the operator tiring excessively during this process, with the possibility of choosing the length of the blade, the height, and the splitting power.

In particular, the TESMO series can be equipped with blades with hydraulic adjustment that improves the quality of the finished product, and consequently reduce the amount of waste.

  • Automatic sandstone splitting machines. Examples are the Kubo series, PXA and P4: customizable systems according to the production needs of each customer. In this way, MEC guarantees you a clean and regular split profile, thus avoiding the creation of concave or convex surfaces on the material.
  • PITCHING finishing machines. Pitching machines, especially the SIDE pitching, thanks to its 4-cushioned blades, finish the edges of the split block, for a rounded effect, especially on sandstone.

In the conclusion…

Every day at MEC, we work to ensure that machinery and equipment for splitting sandstone are simple to use, safe for operators, and performing over time. Whatever your requests, we will best satisfy them by proposing top-of-the-range solutions, Made in Italy and packaged based on your specific needs.

We will follow you at every stage and accompany you to discover the MEC world until you see your new sandstone splitting plant up and running at your company. Would you like to know more? We are here to answer all your questions and curiosities: contact us Now!

How to split sandstone with MEC’s fast and precise machines?

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