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Granite splitting machines: maximum versatility with MEC

Splitting and cutting of granite are operations that require specific and carefully designed solutions: Actually, granite is hard rock without layering, so it requires high-powered machines for splitting. 

To meet specifically this demand of the customer, MEC has recently created a following automatic customized system, very versatile and highly efficient. In this article, we tell you about our latest experience with a line of automated and customized granite splitting machines.

Automation and customization

As usual, the MEC project started with a deep understanding of the needs and requests of the customer, who faced the automatic splitting of the stone for the first time. The inquiry concerned an automatic plant that would process the granite, saw it on the top and bottom with a width of up to 1800 mm. Following a visit to the MEC headquarters and the splitting tests on a present line in the sop, the customer was able to realize the potential that automation can deliver. The final purpose has, therefore, become to increase the range of products with split finishing and be able to optimize the entire production process of the company.

MEC has therefore designed an automatic system consisting of three H-frame machines, with vertical splitting type, connected by an efficient handling system. The primary machine has 500 tons of power unit, with a splitting width of 1800 mm and a height of 400 mm. The entry conveyor is equipped with a pusher with independent hydraulic rams, to be able to adapt to the irregularities of the block and push it correctly under the blade.

The granite strips, thus split, continue towards the second splitting machine with 800 mm of width and 400 mm of useful height. These pieces are then handled by a second pusher and split to the preset size in the program by the operator. Thanks to the self-centering sidebars, the strips are compacted to be split at 90 ° under the blade; using the overturning and aligning systems that are located at the exit of the second machine, however, the pieces obtained with the secondary splitting can be automatically fed into the third machine. The latter splits the pieces in half, obtaining finished cobblestones that are then taken away on rubber belts.

In this way, the customer can save primary cutting costs. For example, it will be possible to prepare the blocks for the cobbles at a height of 20 cm – and not necessarily having to prepare the material at a height of 10 cm – to have 10x10x10 cm cobbles as a finished product.

This line, however, is not limited by the production of cobblestones: with the second machine, it is also possible to obtain wall stones or curbs, which then continue on the conveyors dedicated to unloading the material.

As you can see, this is a versatile line with granite splitting machines that meet the demand for automatic production of many different types of finished products. The state-of-the-art electronic system ensures precision in handling and splitting, together with ease for the operator to interface with production programs.


The machines for granite splitting, as well as those for cutting, are even more efficient and functional when they are designed and customized according to the specific needs of the individual customer. MEC knows this well, and, for this reason, even the latest automatic system we created delivers high productivity and versatility.

If you want to discover the quality of MEC solutions directly, do not hesitate to contact us: our team is at your convenience for any question or curiosity. 

Granite splitting machines: maximum versatility with MEC

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