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Granite cutting machines: a short guide to the right choice for you

Granite is one of the most popular materials in construction. This intrusive igneous rock varies in color based on the minerals present in its composition, including the precious rose quartz. Widely used for cladding and flooring, granite delivers brilliance to indoor and outdoor environments.

No matter where it is used: in private or public branches, in simple or complex applications, granite turns out to be a versatile, solid, and strong stone. It is also one of the most beautiful and natural materials, maintaining its characteristics unchanged over time.

There are many different ways of granite processing, both manual and automatic procedures, depending on the final product you wish to obtain. For quick and precise granite splitting, it is necessary to choose machinesspecially designed to deliver high-quality results.

What is the solution of cut which best suits your needs? In this article, MEC shows you its wide range of granite cutting machines, each suitable for a different requirement.

How to choose a granite cutting machine?

There are various aspects we need to consider when choosing the right cutting machine for granite. First of all, it is necessary to rely on specific machines, preferably equipped with diamond blades capable of counteracting the hardness of the material to be processed.

Secondly, these solutions must be able to process granite and carry out all operational phases with maximum safety.

Not all machines for cutting granite allow obtaining high-quality products. Relying on poorly performing systems can represent a risk in economic terms due to frequent breakdowns and costly maintenance.

The advantages of MEC solutions for granite cutting

The Fast Series of MEC has been designed and developed to ensure high cutting performance on any kind of irregular stone, even on the hardest, such as granite, marble, and concrete. The range consists of different models, all equipped with in-line diamond blades with constant feeding.

But what are the particularities that distinguish MEC solutions?

These machines have advantages in terms of variety and quality of the final products. Among the main benefits we would like to mention the following:

  • Possibility of cutting large stones with minimum thicknesses;
  • obtain greater productivity in square meters;
  • reduce transport costs for the finished product;
  • facilitate the installation of the material.

Fast series for granite cutting: discover all the power of MEC

MEC offers cutting-edge and high-performance machines for cutting granite, the result of almost thirty years of experience in the branch of stone processing technology. Innovation is the company engine: an aspect reflected in all the equipment built by MEC.

In particular, for cutting granite, MEC recommends the Fast series. The equipment is composed of four different lines, the Fast series allows you to obtain a clean and precise cut of the stone, getting granite blocks always in line with your needs:

  • The Fast 1 cutting machine: if you are not yet very familiar with stone cutting or work on short orders, MEC recommends Fast 1. A cutting operation in a single step, this machine is ideal for cutting river stones or pebbles.
  • The Fast 2 cutting machine: saves time and lightens loading operations thanks to the two blades and a pressure bar. Do you have constant production requirements? Do you work with different materials, or do you want to obtain multi-products? So the Fast 2 is the model for you.
  • The Fast 3 cutting machine. The evolution of the Fast 2, with 30% more productivity. This machine meets equal requirements as the previous model, with a difference in the number of blades (the machine has three diamond blades).
  • The Fast 5 cutting machine. It is ideal for customers with high production requirements. Thanks to the presence of 5 blades, the Fast 5 is even more performing if integrated with specific technical options.

In addition to this, MEC offers the possibility to integrate the granite cutting machines of the FAST series with a horizontal blade. Suitable for making cornerstones in a single work step, the optional horizontal blade can cut corners with a depth of up to 20 cm.

From Fast 1 to 5, MEC systems guarantee considerable time savings and high performance, with a consequent increase in productivity. Another strong point concerns safety: the entire MEC range is certified to meet the most rigorous international standards.

Would you like to find out immediately what cutting machine mostly meets your requirements? For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will provide you with customized solutions to your needs.

Granite cutting machines: a short guide to the right choice for you

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