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Automatic systems for the stone splitting: how do they work.

Mec offers a wide range of products for automatic stone splitting; those are configurable with size both in handling systems and in splitting power. According to the production requirements of the customer, the proposals may vary from smaller lines, i.e. Semiautomatic systems, to fully automated and customized solutions.

It starts from electromechanical automation level (easier) towards to electronic systems equipped with a PLC; the choice depends on your requirements, from the level of precision to be obtained, from budgeting limit, from the material conditions or from the production requirements.

In addition to the automation type, the stone splitting automatic systems can be combined with other kind of machinery or handling systems in the input and output points. From the pushers or manipulators to the conveyors or special feeders. According to the finish product to be obtained, the productivity and the level of precision required, Mec is able to provide the system that meets your expectations in the best way. Mec plants can also be integrated into complex systems for productivity improvement or product diversifications.

The semi-automated systems are suitable for companies with limited production requirements or who approach the splitting branch for the first time. This kind of systems is characterized by a simple automatic level and it is suitable to obtain single type product.

This category includes the Kubo Series, a small automatic system that splits strips or long slice materials to obtain veneers, small tiles and cobble stones. The Kubo has been designed as a production unit of its own to recover the waste from the stone cutting, but can also be used as the final part of automatic plants for the production of cobble stones.

However, the stone splitting automatic systems allow managing the cycle in completely automatic way, the loading, unloading, handling and splitting. The advanced handling and PLC management enable you to obtain a high and continuous production, good quality of split product, but also a range of diversified products. One of the features that distinguishes our automatic systems is the automatic management of waste material, the remote access from the Desktop PC for checking of the current production status.

Rientrano nella categoria di impianti automatici per lo spacco della pietra tutte quelle macchine di tipo chiuso con larghezze anche fino a 3 metri che spaccano in automatico palizzate in granito; oppure tutte quelle linee con una o più macchine di tipo chiuso collegate da nastri trasportatori e posizionate a 90° l’una rispetto all’altra che lavorano in automatico per la produzione di svariati prodotti, come cordoli, cubetti, piastre da rivestimento.

All those H-frame machines also with 3 meter width make the part of category stone splitting automatic systems, they split granite palisades automatically; as well as all those lines with one or more H-frame machines connected by conveyor belts and positioned at 90 ° relative to each other work automatically for the production of various products, such as curbs, cubes, thin veneers.

The splitting solutions Mec are always personalized both in handling systems and sizes with splitting power according to your requirements, whether those, which are considered as semi-automatic solutions.

Even today, we have arrived to the end of this interesting chapter about the automatic plant for stone splitting. If you want to get more information or learn more about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us through our contacts page or on Facebook … a team of Mec experts will be at your disposal to answer all your curios questions. See you next time!

Automatic systems for the stone splitting: how do they work.

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