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Machines for stone recycling: everything you need to know to recycle the stone

Do you need to recover the remaining waste from stone transformation laboratories or after the stone processing, but you don’t know who to ask? With Mec you find what you’re looking for. In addition to the design and construction of splitting and cutting plants, Mec offers also single machine and complete lines for the crushing and selection of aggregates which integrate the splitting cycle of the stone, by giving value to the by-product which will be treated as waste.

All that stone material such as marble, granite, porphyry, concrete and so on are part of this category.

Mec not only stops at the crushing of stone and / or concrete, but also offers the opportunity to crush, then recycle, other types of materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramics, aluminium castings, ornamental stones and agglomerates of various kinds.

Once crushed and/or ground, where can these materials be used? The reuse of the selected and crushed products finds several ways. Let’s see together some practical examples: stone for paving or road filling; street furniture and gardening; renovation of blocks and slabs in marble and granite; manufacture of resin tiles and crushed for terraces.

In this way, the waste materials are minimized, finding a new use.

The advantages that derive from the use of these machines are configured in the logic of recovery and savings, as they are responsible for the exploitation of materials which would otherwise be treated as waste, thereby also reducing the costs of storage, transport and disposal.

The proposals vary according to your needs and the productivity required, starting from single jaw crusher of small sizes to complete lines both in handling and in the selection.

The machines for stone recycling offer by Mec are:

  • STARK, jaw crusher;
  • CRUNCH, hammer mill;
  • IMPIANTI, i.e. complete lines to crush and select different grain size of the final product.

The STARK jaw crushers are suited to the processing laboratories and are ideal both for the primary crushing and the secondary production of aggregates. There are 3 different kind of category according to the production you want to reach and the sizes of the final product. While the CRUNCH hammer mill is ideal for secondary crushing. It is characterized by a high ratio of particle size reduction in the crushing of natural stone, concrete and aggregates of low and medium hardness. Unlike STARK jaw crushers, CRUNCH is appreciated for its ability to reduce the aggregate to a very finely ground product.

For greater productivity and selection of crushed grits, MEC machines for stone recovery can also be supplied as complete lines, generally consisting of a loading belt, STARK crusher and/or also CRUNCH hammer mill, a conveyor belt and a vibrating screen with two or three planes, which respectively produces three and four selections of grain sizes.

The crushing line changes the complements according to the type of crusher used and the customer’s needs and it can be customized.

All the machines for stone recovery proposed by MEC are characterized by a sturdy structure which allows to minimize the vibrations discharged during the crushing process and able to treat even the most abrasive and resistant materials.

So why don’t we start by considering the waste no longer as such, but as a real resource for the environment and the economy? Let’s use the crushing through Mec crushers to enhance the otherwise non-recoverable waste and contact us through our contact page to chat with Mec experts and deepen all the topics related to the stone recycling.

Machines for stone recycling: everything you need to know to recycle the stone

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