Publication date: 29/10/2021 Revision date: 19/04/2022

Granite cobblestones: the latest MEC solution for their production

Granite is a kind of material that is widely used in construction thanks to its high resistance. It is an intrusive igneous rock that shows the brilliance due to the high percentage of quartz contained within it. Its coloring may vary according to the other materials present in it; this detail makes the granite particularly versatile and suitable for multiple environments and uses, for indoors or outdoors. 

Granite cobbles are one of the many forms in which this rock is used: their production can take place through machines specifically designed for the granite splitting, capable of giving a high quality finished product. In this article, MEC talks about the latest solution designed for this need.

Granite processing and use

As anticipated, granite is used for many purposes. Among the main ones we can mention the covering of kitchen and bathroom, floors, steps, and stairs, external cladding and landscaping. Especially in the latter two cases, granite cobbles are in great demand and used, so they have to be produced with precision and efficiency,

to avoid a coarse finished product that will ruin the quality of the final work and the beauty of the material as well. High-quality cobblestones make it possible to create elegant and useful wall coverings, that can sometimes appear as real mosaics.

The new automatic MEC system

The latest novelty at MEC is born precisely from the need of a customer to produce granite cobbles, ensuring high productivity and excellent results.

Going into detail, MEC has developed and built an automatic system designed for splitting granite strips sawn on all sides, but with the irregular front end. To achieve this, the plant consists of two machines, both equipped with a waste handling and offloading system: the finished products (i.e. the granite cobbles) automatically end in two big bags, where you can see 2 platforms equipped with scales to allow precise weight control, just during the production.

Well aware of the different uses that can have a place with granite, MEC has decided to make this automatic plant for the production of granite cubes also versatile and flexible. In fact, the line also lends itself perfectly to the production of products larger than cobblestones, such as veneers or wall stones. These products can then be unloaded in complete safety, thanks to the exit conveyor of the second machine. In this way, the plant allows you to diversify your production and adjust it to different requests.


The MEC automatic systems are designed to always meet the requirements of each customer: for this reason, they are customized, so that they optimally fit every inquiry.

In this emergency period, to guarantee maximum safety for human health, MEC has developed a remote assistance system that allows rapid intervention even at a distance, at any time.

But not only: so that even the essential installation phase is not a challenge, MEC offers for the customers precise and detailed instructions on how to arrange the offloading and putting inline the equipment, and we are always available thanks to a constant phone and videoconference support.

To find out more about MEC stone processing machines and check the solution that exactly suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us: the MEC team is ready to answer any kind of question or curiosity about its solutions.

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