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Granite crushing: which solution is right for you?

Granite is an extraordinarily resistant natural stone of various shades and types. Its brightness, combined with technical and physical characteristics, makes it a perfect material for the building branch. Already widely used for the construction of temples by the most ancient civilizations, today is still the favorite stone of modern architecture.

Intrusive igneous rocks are created mainly of minerals, and granites are even more robust and compact than marble.

For this reason, it is necessary to resort to specific solutions capable of correctly crushing these materials.

But which are the most suitable crushers for your needs? In this article, MEC recommends the best-performing machinery for granite crushing. Continue your reading to discover all the advantages of our solutions!

How to choose the granite crushing plant?

For evaluation of the machinery that suits your needs in the best way, it is necessary to refer to some parameters, such as:

  • size: know the dimensions (length, width, and thickness) of the pieces to be subjected to the machine
  • granulometry: determine the desired result, etc. the size of the finished product
  • capacity: set the treatment capacity according to your needs, expressed in tons

Once all these factors have been evaluated, we can move our attention toward the various types of crushers for processing hard and abrasive rocks. In the following pages, we will offer you an overview of the solutions for crushing granite on the market, analyzing the one that best suits your needs.

What are the types of crushers?

Industrial crushers, also called crushers or mills, are specific machines for reducing blocks of stone, marble, granite, or other building materials to obtain smaller materials with well-defined dimensions and grain sizes. These appliances, depending on the fineness of the material obtained, are divided into:

  • primary and secondary: machines for the production of coarse-finished products
  • tertiary and quaternary: solutions that guarantee finished products with fine particles

A further distinction concerns the technical characteristics. In fact, we find on the market:

  • Jaw crushers: reliable machines, simple in terms of their operation and use, that do not require much maintenance. Precisely for these reasons, they are among the most renowned and used solutions in the branch.
  • Impact crushers, also known as “hammer crushers”: guarantee excellent productivity in both primary and secondary crushing. Low power consumption is one of the main advantages of these models.

Granite crushing: discover the best MEC solutions

Thanks to almost thirty years of experience in the branch, MEC offers machines for crushing any natural or building stone. From the simple reduction of waste to construction and street furniture, our crushers represent an opportunity for those who work with granite. Equipped with great versatility, they make the most of waste materials and eliminate transport and storage costs. Are you curious to find out what machines we are talking about?

  • Within our range, the STARK jaw crushers are among the most requested crushing solutions. Ideal for natural stone processing and also various materials such as ceramics and glass, this model is capable of obtaining different size materials depending on the opening or closing of the jaws. In this way, the finished products enjoy great versatility of use.
  • The CRUCH mill, equipped with a horizontal axis with free hammers, is the perfect model for those who need to carry out secondary crushing operations. Unlike the STARK crusher, this solution is able to give the product the required refinement. The speedy hammers and the presence of a conveyor belt enhance this machine with the guarantee of quality and precision.
  • For greater productivity, MEC offers some complete systems where STARK and CRUNCH solutions are integrated with loading belts, conveyor belts, and vibrating screens with two or three floors. These are innovative and easily customizable lines according to the customer’s needs.

Are you curious about these solutions, and would you like to learn more about the advantages of our granite-crushing machines? For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: the MEC team will be happy to provide you with more information on our systems to find the right solution for you.

Granite crushing: which solution is right for you?

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