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Coverings in natural stone for interiors: the advice of MEC

Even more appreciated, the natural stone coverings for interiors give rooms a timeless refinement and elegance. It is no coincidence that they are increasingly in demand by interior designers and architects, given their ability to give the rooms an extra touch and to make even the most common environment sophisticated.

However, this type of interior coatings attracts the attention of people who decide to adopt them during the construction or renovation of their home. In this article, MEC recommends some of the best solutions to produce natural stone coatings for interiors, to have optimal results in stone processing.

Types of split stone cladding

Interior wall coverings with natural split stones are applied to the vertical surfaces of the house, giving a timeless charm, especially if matched with the right light and harmoniously combined with other materials. The natural stone wall coverings for interiors is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, when the houses were still built entirely of stone and materials present in the surrounding area were used. Nowadays it becomes a design choice rather than a necessity, given the endless possibilities offered by the lithic market.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose various types of coverings: generally they differ for the color and the size. In some environments the use of a particular stone will be more indicated, while in others it will be different colors and materials to be more adequate.

The style of furnishing is also important and it will be necessary to choose natural stone coverings for interiors that maintain coherence and harmony within the environment.

There are many types of natural stones that can be used interior coverings , depending on the morphology of the areas from which they are obtained. In this great palette of colors and textures, practically infinite, we find both classic and always loved materials, such as marble, granite and travertine, and natural stones such as slate, Luserna stone, Lecce stone, serizzo and many others.

MEC solutions for stone splitting

MEC also contributes to spread the culture of split stone, thanks to an innovative technology and to the different types of machines supplied to marble workers, processing laboratories, quarry owners and, in general, to all the companies inside the stone field.

For the production of split stone for coverings, MEC first of all recommends the P4 machine, able to uniformly exert force on the entire perimeter of the stone block, allowing the surface to be split. In a second step it is possible to proceed with cutting with the machines of the Fast series, useful for reducing thickness and / or splitting  stone plates: in this way two pieces are obtained, with a smooth face ideal for laying and a split face to leave on sight.

Another MEC machine for the production of split stone is Kubo, with its high productivity and ideal for producing splt face strips, with a obviously smaller size than the plates that can be obtained with the P4 machine. We must not forget the pitching machine, able to peel the sawn plates to get the splti face easily.

With MEC, innovation and full satisfaction of the customer’s needs are guaranteed: thanks to the long experience in the field and the great expertise gained, our experts will be able to give you the right advice to find the most suitable solution for your natural stone wall coverings for interiors. For any questions or for further information, do not hesitate to contact us: MEC team is at your disposal.

Coverings in natural stone for interiors: the advice of MEC

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