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The natural stone: the most realistic of the stone

Natural stone was the first material used by man for his constructions. It has been around for millions of years and has extraordinary characteristics of strength, compactness and durability. There are many works that testify to its use and resistance over time: the Egyptian Pyramids, the monolithic structures of Stonehenge, the Colosseum in Rome, the many cathedrals scattered around the world and so on. For these very characteristics, the natural stone has taken on magical meanings and unique properties over time and in society.

Today, all the processing is made using some machinery that guarantee more speed and safety compared to manual techniques, practiced until the mid-nineteenth century.

The production of a finished product is done by different phases of processes consisting of the extraction of the rock from the quarry, in the cutting into blocks and in a second division into elements of shape and size determined by special machinery. Once the stone element has been obtained in the desired size, it is possible, for example, to apply special processing to the split stone.

Which types of natural stone are most commonly used in cladding and flooring? The stones used for internal and external cladding and/or flooring are: basalt, granite, porphyry, marble, travertine, quartzite, slate, sandstone and so on.

What sizes can you have? From stone boulders it is possible to obtain a multiform series of elements, from the smallest, such as grains, to the largest, such as slabs, passing through pebbles and medium sizes.

All the parts deriving from a single boulder of natural stone can be left in the raw state, with a rough surface, or processed and smoothed and used to pave external paths, or even rounded and used to delimit the flowerbeds; while the smaller parts are used mainly for the creation of decorative motifs, such as mosaics, combining fragments of various colours.

In which environments can natural stone be laid? Natural stone can be used in different environments, thanks to its characteristics of strength, resistance and aesthetic beauty. The interior rooms welcome the natural stone for the elegance and, at the same time, for the particular feeling of naturalism that the stone can give. The countless decorative motifs that can be created with natural stone can customize each room according to customer requirements in order to create combinations with the many aspects of architectural styles.

Coming into the splitting world, what are the machines that allow you to split or cut rather than finish or crush natural stone?According to the type of processing you want to obtain, Mec offers you a range of products, such as open machines for splitting uneven materials, closed machines for splitting materials with regular and/or sawn surfaces, machines for cutting irregular materials in order to reduce their thickness, automatic machines for finishing slabs or edges of the stone block, automatic plants for high production and, finally, single machines or complete lines for crushing stone waste.

With this article we wanted to cover the broad lines of the types, sizes and environments that affect nature and the use of this stone so authentic. If you want to get more information do not hesitate to contact our team of consultants Mec and we will answer all your questions. do not hesitate to contact our team of experts, you will be able to satisfy all your needs, doubts or curiosity.

The natural stone: the most realistic of the stone

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