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Stone splitting equipment: the latest solutions MEC

There are many companies Inside the stone industry that feel the need to adopt efficient solutions to optimize time and costs, guaranteeing high quality work. The needs to be addressed are the most diverse, and it is not simply to satisfy them with traditional stone splitting systems, that have not been customized. Conscious of this, MEC is committed every day to study customized solutions that fit better what the customer requires.

To do this, MEC also pointing to the integration of different stone splitting systems between them, so as to cover the production of different finish pieces, from cobblestones to wall stones, from the veneers to the curbs. In this article we speak about two stone splitting solutions – a manual and an automatic one – made recently by MEC and ready to leave for Russia.

The manual system: semitrittico

The first custom-made solution based on the needs of our customer in Russia is a manual system for the stone splitting, a Semitrittico. In this system, the incoming conveyor brings the stone under the blade, where it splits down, making the entire cycle of the production of wall stones and curbs.

This production unit is capable of delivering high efficiency and high productivity, especially because it avoids the efforts of the operator to push or manipulate the stone under the blade, on the table. In fact, the working table is not present: There is an incoming conveyor in its place from the entry side, and a half-table on the exit side. Both of these components are getting down in the moment of splitting, so that the material stays only between the blades, obtaining a perfect splitting profile.

The automatic sysyem: the machine series P4

The other system, as mentioned before, is an automatic system designed for the production of cladding veneers. It is an H-frame machine equipped with four blades, which is fed by an automatic pusher at L. The work is greatly simplified for the operator: in fact, it is necessary to load the block that has been sawn on all sides – and move it forward right up to the pallet. At this point, the pallet reads the presence of the block and pushes it under the blade, keeping the size that has been determinate by an operator and set previously in PLC. The pallet stops automatically and the machine stars the splitting process.

Thanks to the presence of two side blades, this system is able to ensure a great splitting profile, also contributing to the obtaining of veneers with significantly reduced thickness. Once the finish products have been obtained, the process moves to unloading operation: the products are offloaded from the steel table in output from the machine.

The solutions such as this one, belong to P4 series of MEC, are highly customizable both in terms of the dimensions, as regards to the power and handling systems. Depending on the productivity to be obtained, and also the type of material for processing, MEC studies the feeding system and the most suitable automation.

But the potential of this equipment doesn’t stop there. In addition to the production of veneers by the process just explained, it is also possible to obtain the strips that will feed in to the Kubo machine, so as to proceed also with the production of cobblestones.


These are two stone splitting solutions, studied by MEC to meet 100% customer’s demands in Russia. They are able to give a great versatility, precisely because they allow to produce various types of finish products. In addition, the MEC machines are synonymous with reliability and quality and the possibility of maximum customization makes them perfect for any reality.

This equipment is still available in our company to be inspected and tested, pending its imminent delivery in Russian land. If you want to find out by yourself what solutions can MEC develop for your needs, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:  MEC experts are ready to find the most suitable solution for your company.

Stone splitting equipment: the latest solutions MEC

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