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Stone Curbs: which machines do you need for their production?

These products are used both in structural and aesthetic operations, the stone curbs are generally used to delimit different areas and highlight the spaces. Depending on the context within they are used, the curbs can be produced with different shapes and materials.

Having an experience in the stone branch, MEC offers specific and innovative solutions for splitting and processing of the stone: among them there are some ideally suited solutions to the production of stone curbs. In this article we want to present our best machines for curbs production, maintaining quality and high performance.

Stone Curbs: what they are

The stone curbs are definable in a more precise way as artifacts in coarse parallelepiped shape presenting a top face with defined head, two larger side faces, the sides (only one of those is visible, while the other remains hidden since it is drowned under), a bottom face (foot) and two joints, or the smaller side faces which serve the conjunction between the different elements – as it comes from their name.

In order to fulfill their operation, the stone curbs are installed vertically in such a way to make them standing up of approximately 10-15 cm above the surface level. 

The visible face of the curbs can have a variable height, usually from 8 to 25 cm, while the length is free and can also be tailored according to the requirement.

The split curbs are generally made of granite and gneiss, they are ideally suited to highlight a line of border between different areas and can be used for the containment of flower beds and gardens, the delimitation of sidewalks and roadsides, being as an element of construction and landscape at the same time.

Solutions for the production of stone curbs

The production of the stone curbs with split finishing does require an efficient machinery with excellent result of it’s finishing capacity. MEC is aware of this need and proposes the PX series, H-frame machines that can be easily automated so as to obtain even large numbers of the finish product with a very high constant quality. The machinery of this kind can also be integrated and continue with other machines, so as to obtain the products, that are different from curbs (such as, for example, cobblestones, wall stones, etc.) and represents a flexible and multiproduct solution.

In recent years, especially in some parts of Europe, there was a gradually increasing demand as regards the production of longer and longer curbs. For this reason, MEC has built the PX machines with significantly wider opening, which would respond better to customer needs, also providing them with an appropriate automatic feeding system. The challenge was won successfully and today MEC builds machines that guarantee an excellent split finish product, with it’s width up to 3000 mm.

In cases if the length of the curbs is not so important, even manual C-Series machines are well suited to produce the stone curbs. However, in this case the operator plays a decisive role in the choice of how and where to split the stone, so how to square it.

Finally, in case it becomes necessary, with the FAST machine it is possible to reduce the thickness of the curbs with split finishing.

MEC always ensures competence and professionalism and can guide you in the choice of the most suitable machine for your needs. With years of experience in the splitting branch, cutting and processing of stone, our team is ready to advice you on each inquiry. For more information, please feel free to contact us: A MEC expert will be at your convenience.

Stone Curbs: which machines do you need for their production?

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