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Paving stone: elegance and functionality with MEC

The stone paving is an excellent choice to give a special touch to the outdoors and, not surprisingly, there are many of those who decorate their gardens, walkways, patios and many other areas with this type of flooring. It is an elegant and modern solution, but at the same time, in perfect harmony with nature: the stone can perfectly fit into any type of outdoor environment able to offer beauty and functionality

To provide paving stone carved to perfection, MEC has designed and developed several plants for the processing of stone, able to satisfy any request and offer the right product ended up any room. The stone floors are not all the same and each requires specific solutions. In this article, MEC shares some useful information on the subject and its machines, for a conscious and smooth choice.

Why opt for stone floors?

The stone paving enriches outdoor environments since they are easily able to marry well with the surrounding landscape and, in a sense, to act as a bridge between natural and artificial. As a material, the stone brings with it considerable advantagesprimarily due to its durability and resistance to weathering. But not only that: it is also a versatile and environmentally friendly material, which can be used for various applications.

Thanks to the variety of stone types and the numerous processes that can be made on them, you can create real masterpieces that will make external groomed and sophisticated. 

You can opt for a cut rather than another, then choosing slabs, pavers or cobblestones or particular combinations capable of forming the original and beautiful mosaics. The choice is essential to take into account the intended use: a garden stone requires different cuts than a road, as well as a pedestrian route, will have different needs than the floor for the pool and so on. For every place, therefore, you will have to go to locate the material which best fits the context and the climatic conditions of the location.

How to choose correctly?

For stone floors that you can enrich the environments and to ensure not only a plus from the aesthetic point of view but also from a utility, it is necessary – in the first instance – to understand what type of stone’s right for their own. The choice of the type of stone for outdoor use must take into account several variables to be considered concerning those for the interior, that can be evaluated mainly based on functional criteria, as well as aesthetic. The exterior stones must be adapted to the needs of the place in which they are applied  (and therefore warmer areas require certain stones, rainy or icy areas will require other, etc.).

Some examples? The natural stone flooring are well adapted to rustic settings, for paving terraces, balconies, garden areas, and more;

the pavage granite, however, is particularly suitable for pedestrian paths. There is also to say that there is not only the stone for outdoor paving: you may also have blocks of vibrated concrete, with face splitface.

However, generally, all paving stone must ensure specific characteristics such as water resistance, the ability to withstand the loads and therefore the sliding of motor vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, adequate anti-slip and frost resistance (of paramount importance especially in public areas, pedestrian safety) and a low propensity for mold and staining. Equally important are the wear resistance, to atmospheric agents and temperature changes and the coefficient of friction, attributes not to forget for external paving stone; Also, it must ensure of ease of maintenance, which is essential especially in urban centers.


For all these needs and to get any useful for cutting and flooring processingMEC offers its cutting-edge technology. The MEC machinery possess the quality of Made in Italy united efficiency and functionality given by a long experience in the field: it goes from simple C-frame manual machines – on which the operator can obtain cubes, curbs, and binders in a versatile way and predominantly from irregular stones – in automatic lines with high production capacity and still in H-frame machines suitable for the production of slabs and stairs.

There’s more: thanks to the crushing lines with jaw crushers STARK, MEC may include in stone floors also grit garden, to offer even more comprehensive that can satisfy many requests.

To discover firsthand all MEC solutions and touch their efficiency and quality, do not hesitate to contact us: MEC team is available for questions and information to guide you in choosing the best solution for you.

Paving stone: elegance and functionality with MEC

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