Publication date: 29/10/2021 Revision date: 19/04/2022

MEC restarts: a company that is safe for everyone’s health

The MEC team has completely restarted with the work and operations in the factory and the corporate offices. The efficiency and timeliness in carrying out the various activities, however, will be accompanied by the necessary containment measures for the dissemination of COVID-19. 

The goal of the entire company is to be able to ensure that each MEC operator can perform his or her job in the best possible way without compromising health. Not only that: collaborators and customers must also be able to visit the MEC headquarters without taking risks.

For this reason, MEC immediately has arranged safety in the company for anyone. All the recommendations and rules envisaged by the Decree have been adopted and respected, and the company life has been reformed in order to eliminate any problems in the implementation of these measures.

All employees and members of the MEC team have been equipped with protective masks, and the spaces have been reorganized so as to guarantee the distancing between the workers. To avoid the risk of contagion, through contact with contaminated surfaces or subjects, hand sanitizing gel dispensers have been installed inside all rooms and various work areas, for free use by operators.

These measures, combined with an awareness of the entire team on the importance of respecting containment procedures have made MEC a totally safe company. Visitors, customers, and suppliers are already arriving, and the desire to see our innovative solutions for stone splitting and cutting is always high.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: the MEC team is available to answer any questions and find the right solution for every need.

MEC restarts: a company that is safe for everyone’s health

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