Publication date: 16/03/2023 Revision date: 16/03/2023

How to split concrete with the innovative MEC machines

Concrete is an artificial material composed of a mixture of binder, sand, gravel, water and additives or minerals. This compound has been widely used in construction since ancient times, changing composition over the centuries.

Concrete is not only used as a building material, but with appropriate processing it can be used as a coating or to create road works and garden structures, assuming a high aesthetic value.

Thanks to the splitting technique, it is possible to give the concrete an “exposed” or “split” shape, simulating the effect of split natural stone.

The use of split concrete in construction is very popular especially in recent years, due to its wide application opportunities and the possibility of obtaining effects of great aesthetic impact.

But how is it possible to split concrete in the most efficient and effective way? Discover the innovative MEC machines suitable for concrete splitting by continuing to read!

MEC concrete splitting machines for every need

Thanks to the experience acquired in the field of stone splitting, over the years MEC has perfected itself by applying technical solutions to concrete splitting machines that guarantee a top-of-the-range splitting profile.

MEC concrete splitting plants can be configured to measure according to the needs of each customer both in terms of handling systems and in the characteristics of size and strength of the machines.

MEC concrete splitting plants can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Semi-automatic systems

Plants with non-complex automation, often on an electromechanical basis, ideal for companies characterized by a single production or which do not have high production requirements or, again, which are starting to use splitting machines for the first time.

2. Automatic plants

MEC automatic concrete splitting machines are systems that meet the need for high productivity.

They can carry out every operation in a completely automatic way: from loading to handling, from splitting to unloading up to the palletisation of the product obtained.

There is also the possibility of automatically controlling waste, of guiding all operations from a desktop PC and of monitoring production remotely.

Here is an example of an automatic system:

Thanks to the system of loading with L pusher, the 03d00922 plant guarantees a continuous and constant feeding to the machine of concrete blocks to be split. Whereas the L pusher pushes the material towards the machine up to the size set in the PLC, the operator can load the next block onto the first incoming conveyor. The split concrete is brought away from the conveyor at the exit of the machine and then stops automatically close to a side once a pre-established number of pieces has been reached. At this point an automatic pusher pushes this group of strips onto the fixed iron table positioned at 90° with respect to the conveyor, for unloading.

3. Special lines

MEC also offers specific machines, both manual and automatic. The Half machine, for example, is a small automatic machine that splits the concrete shapes in half horizontally. Furthermore, it is also possible to apply some expedients to manual machines of the C series to be able to recover concrete waste in the best possible way.


As you could see from this quick excursus on MEC concrete splitting machines, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you have any questions about any of these concrete splitting machines, or if you need advice on choosing the most suitable one for you, we are ready to help you. Contact us: we are waiting for you to give you all the information you need!

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